• Background Music: Create the right environment

  • Your Hotel: Create the right atmosphere

  • Your Restaurant: Set the ambience

  • IPTV Solutions: Improve the customer quality and experience

  • Auditoriums: Clarity and control are key

  • Places of Worship: Get the message across

  • In room entertainment: Make it memorable


About Us

Conian is the merging in 2015 of two recognised audio visual technology companies, namely Audiotech and Ezitech. Audiotech comes from a very strong audio and AV control background with 20 years experience. Ezitech comes from an IT, converged communications and AV background with a strong understanding of IP networks and how audio and visual applications can leverage a customer's IP network. In fact, in South Africa, Conian still trades as Audiotech due to its long standing name and reputation in the industry.


Our Footprint

Conian operates primarily in Africa, with installations and/or presence in eleven mainland countries over the past ten years. Head office is in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Conian is actively looking to grow its presence throughout Africa as its ability to provide an end to end solution is key in the African market.


What diferentiates us

Conian is able to deliver end to end audio, visual and communications solutions- from the physical IP network, to the technologies that will run on the network, whether it be background music, professional audio, telephony, video conferencing, digital signage, IPTV or CCTV to name a few. Traditional audio visual (AV) providers lack the IT skills and the creative ability to provide rich media content as part of their offering, and hence they become more focussed on selling you a product as opposed to a complete solution.

Conian's business model is very different - we listen to your requirements and provide a solution that may or may not have a product focus. Conian has certain key relationships with product suppliers but does not tie itself down to specific products.