The Company

Conian fills the gap in the market for audio visual systems integrators who understand IT and how existing IP networks can be utilised to add value to an organisation. Conian has structured its departments to offer an end-to-end solution, from physical installation teams to the softer skills of graphic design and software development

As mentioned on the home page, Conian is the merging of two recognised audio visual technology companies, namely Audiotech and Ezitech. Audiotech comes from a very strong audio and AV control background with 20 years experience. Ezitech comes from an IT, converged communications and AV background with a strong understanding of IP networks and how audio and visual applications can leverage a customer's IP network. In fact, in South Africa, Conian still trades as Audiotech due to its long standing name and reputation in the industry.


Our Footprint

Conian operates primarily in Africa, with installations and/or presence in eleven mainland countries over the past ten years. Head office is in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Conian is actively looking to grow its presence throughout Africa as its ability to provide an end to end solution is key in the African market.


Empowerment Status

Conian is currently a Level 2 BEE contributor and is constantly striving to improve itslef in this area.