Conian have for several years been providing specialized, integrated audiovisual solutions for the Casino and Entertainment Industry. Through years of implementing installed audio systems in this environment, Conian have developed an intimate understanding of the unique audio needs of this vibrant and rapidly growing industry.

Industry Leading Expertise in:

  • Sound and Lighting Systems
  • Visual Systems
  • Staging Systems
  • Acoustic Treatment

The AV industry has witnessed an explosion of high-definition visual display technologies in recent years. Not surprisingly, when clients see superior visuals, they expect audio quality to match.

Conian systems are exceptionally suited for AV applications due to their reliability, ease of reconfiguration, overall cost-efficiency and superior sound. Because they are designed from the start as whole systems, our solutions achieve maximum performance, presenting both superior sound and high operating efficiency.

But, above all, the flat frequency and phase responses of Conian systems make them simply sound better. No matter how spectacular and finely detailed your visual images, Conian is ready with an AV solution to match them and maximize their impact.