Conian can automate and control virtually all facets of a luxury hotel including guest rooms, ballrooms/meeting rooms, pool, spa, restaurants, and nightclubs.

More and more, guests are expecting the same experience or better in a hotel room that they would have in their own home.Conain brings this experience to them with the ability to easily access services and to control their environment and various Conian products in their hotel room or suite. Conian's touch panels, remote controls, lighting keypads can create this experience. Hotel restaurant menus can be converted to electronic menus displayed on the guest’s TV that allow guests to:

  • View pictures of the menu offerings, choose their favorite side dishes and beverages, indicate how they want their food prepared or even check nutritional information
  • Select the meal delivery time
  • Order hotel guest services like spa and sport court scheduling and activities, concierge/maid services and other services provided by outside vendors (foodservice, purchasing tickets or retrieving schedules of event, daycare and other services)

Integrating the audio and video systems onto the hotel’s IP network is a key competency, it is what makes Conian stand out from the rest.