Sport Centres

Whether your stadium seats 1,000 or 100,000 screaming fans,Conian audio offers high-quality sound systems which seamlessly integrate with dynamic scoring and video displays in indoor and outdoor sport venues. 

Experience the refined engineering and unique installation convenience of Conian audio systems to ensure the best performance year after year

Industry Leading Expertise in:

  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Design & System Specification Services
  • Weatherproof for permanent outdoor installation.

Systems include loudspeakers, amplifiers, wiring, mixer, microphone, mounting hardware, cables and much more

Outdoor sports facility operators may feel like their backs are up against a wall in terms of providing fans with intelligible sound. They must deal with the sheer size of their venue and its acoustical quirks, as well as varying weather conditions. Each will impact a sound system's design. Conian has the experience and expertees to give your spectators superior music playback fidelity and outstanding voice intelligibility